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Process to register a domain

Registering a domain name with Website Design Wollongong is simple and cost effective. Here is how it works;


Our website design experts can help you choose something that aligns most with your brand and is easy to remember.


We would need a few personal details from you in order to book the domain. ABN is  a most when you want to get a domain name in Australia.


Domain name registration is very simple with us and can be executed within an hour. The next step is to get a website built.

Most frequent questions and answers


What is a domain name?

Next to an IP address, a domain name is the most common way for people and organizations to refer to each other and to find out more about one another across the Internet. Domain names are organized in accordance with a hierarchical, tree-like structure under which second-level domains are grouped into third-level domains, and so on. A second-level domain is the top-most subdivision of all the domains in a particular zone. For example, the second-level domain for the University of Cambridge is .cam.

Who owns all the domain names?

It’s common to think of domain names as property, but it’s actually just a short-term license for the use of someone else’s intellectual property, so you don’t own a domain name. The public deals with domain name registrars, who often act like web hosting providers or other entities that provide online services.

Which is the best domain extension?

The domain extension is usually the best choice for Australian businesses. It’s the most familiar to Aussies, and it’s what they’re used to. So if you want people to find you,

Can I buy a domain name forever?

You cannot buy a domain name for life. Domain names are renewed every year. However, you can pay for ten years of domain name registration, guaranteeing that you will have a domain name for ten years.